Sunday, November 4, 2018

Results Santa Monica 2018

Thank you runners and fans for coming to the beach today for our 3rd run during AFM in 2018.
It was a fabulous event and attended by over 100 runners! Here's a link to some photos.

We also thank our sponsors again, Freeway Entertainment, Pryor Cashman, East West Bank, City National Bank and our food sponsors, The Coffee Bean, Nathan's Kosherland and Western Bagel for their support. All donations will benefit the 'Skidrow Running Club' and 'The People Concern'. We wish you and our sponsors all the best and look forward to another run next year!

And here are the results:

Monday, September 24, 2018

Another fun run in Toronto during TIFF...

This past September weekend we invited to another fun 5K during TIFF, the B&O Yorkville Run. Founders of the race & friends Jordan and Igor Korenzvit of Bang&Olufsen where excited about our return for the 3rd year in a row. This is Canada's Premier 5K Race, and a national record was set due to the ideal and chilly weather conditions. In total all 800 runners raised $500 thousand Canadian dollars for good causes!

For our group a big thank you to our sponsors Gadi Wildstrom & Martijn Meerstadt of Freeway Entertainment and Wilder Knight of Pryor Cashman  who made this event possible and also Martin Pohl of P. Pohl Productions for coordinating pro bono. We're looking forward to returning to Toronto next year.